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We were fortunate enough to work alongside Ryan, Hamptons Dave, and Mr. Cheeks - the talented and influential radio hosts from The Ryan Show - to conduct an interview with the legendary hip hop duo Smif and Wessun. This triple-camera project required careful planning and execution, including the positioning of cameras, framing, and branding.

Our first camera was dedicated to capturing Ryan as the main host, and throughout the interview, we strategically added The Ryan Show logo above his head. This ensured consistent branding for the show, making it recognizable to viewers. On the other hand, our second camera was focused on Ryan's co-host Hamptons Dave and the Grammy Award-winning artist Mr. Cheeks. Both have extensive experience in the music industry and were instrumental in contributing to the interview with their unique perspectives.

The third camera, mounted on a gimbal, was mainly focused on capturing the expressions and emotions of Smif and Wessun during the interview. However, we also used this camera to roam around and capture the overall mood of the interview. The gimbal enabled us to move seamlessly without any visual disruptions, creating visually appealing shots.

All in all, this project was a massive success and an exciting opportunity for us to work with talented individuals and a legendary Hip Hop group in the world of hip hop. It was truly a unique and fulfilling experience that we will always cherish.

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