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Ras Kronik - Web Design

Ras Kronik is a Jamaican singer/songwriter and producer. An artist with his finger on the cultural pulse of reggae music, his songwriting reflects the struggles of mankind and the rewards that can be gained spiritually if one believes in a supreme being. He also writes about love won and lost. Whether it's love between a man and woman or the love of the Most High, he delivers his message with clarity and definition.


As was preparing to launch, Ras Kronik was looking for a way to differentiate himself with a new look for the 2019 impact he will be making. He had a very tight time frame in which to establish his this new look and announce his new video while creating a dynamic new website that reflected his brand and created a bold new presence.


Ras Kronik wanted to monetize his music so we made it possible for his audience to purchase songs via paypal.

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