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Sell Shotz


Our assignment was to create a music video that portrayed the hustle and bustle of Tru-Shotz's daily grind in the heart of New York City's Times Square. We wanted to showcase the essence of his work, capturing the energy and intensity of his everyday life on the streets of the city that never sleeps.

With this in mind, we walked alongside Tru-Shotz as he sold his wares in New York City's most iconic and busiest location. We captured footage of him doing what he does best, hustling shots and trying to make a living. While we didn't have any specific concept in mind, we wanted to showcase Tru-Shotz in his element and create a music video that told his story.

Despite not having a solid plan, we had a lot of fun creating this video. We let the creative process guide us and wanted to show viewers what it's like to be a street vendor in New York City. Through our cameras, we captured the sights and sounds of the city, as well as the determination that drives Tru-Shotz forward in his everyday work.

In summary, our music video takes you on a journey through the streets of New York City, showing you what it's really like to hustle shots and do business in Times Square. We hope that our video captured the spirit of Tru-Shotz's everyday grind, and that viewers can appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into earning a living in the city that never sleeps.

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Tru Shotz


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