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A Splash of Color Photoshoot

A Splash of Color RECAP VIDEO


D244 created a comprehensive behind the scenes strategy for Strikeapose, a modeling and talent company. The objective of this strategy was to showcase the models and talents of Strikeapose in the most engaging and impactful way possible by utilizing breath-taking photos and videos to capture the essence of their brand.

With this in mind, D244 Media set to work on developing a plan that would not only highlight the models and talent but also provide an insight into the workings of Strikeapose. The first step in this strategy was to conduct a thorough research and analysis of the market in which Strikeapose operates. This involved studying their competitors, understanding the current trends in the industry, and identifying the areas in which Strikeapose could excel.

Having identified these key opportunities, D244 Media then went on to develop a comprehensive content creation strategy that would showcase Strikeapose models through photoshoots and videoshoots. The aim was to create a wide range of visual content that would appeal to a diverse range of audiences and show off the talents and abilities that Strikeapose has to offer.

One of the main elements of this strategy was to ensure that the photoshoots and videoshoots were executed to the highest quality standards. This required the use of specialized equipment, such as high-end cameras, lighting and sound equipment, and a professional-grade studio. The team at D244 Media sourced the equipment and facilities necessary for the production of high-quality content, and assembled a team of experienced photographers and videographers to bring the project to life.

The photoshoots and videoshoots themselves were carefully planned and choreographed to ensure that each talent received equal attention and focus. Each photoshoot was designed to bring out the best in the models, with careful attention paid to lighting, framing, and photography techniques. These techniques helped to create a visually stunning series of photographs that showcased the models' unique talents, skills and personalities.

D244 Media

Strike a pose Model Mgmt.​


Christopher Garcia


Raheim Riley


Brandon Monroe


Kings Jr.

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